Lumines Supernova
The game seen in the PlayStation Network.


January 2009

Game system

PlayStation 3


Offline multiplayer.


Lumines Live!


Lumines Electronic Symphony.

Lumines Supernova is a game that was released for the PlayStation 3. It has several features from Lumines Live! (Except for online multiplayer) and it contains a new mode called "DigDown Mode."

Starting the gameEdit

When first starting the game, it'll take you to a login screen in which you choose your character. Once done, you are taken to the game screen in which several modes are available.

Challenge ModeEdit

Like all of the Lumines games, Challenge Mode is a mode in which the player makes many blocks to advance to the next skin. Once all of the skins have been obtained, the cycle repeats again until the player fills the screen with blocks. Also, the player is awarded with a bonus skin when completing all of the skins. When first buying the game, you start with the following packs:

  • Basic Pack
  • Advance Pack

More packs can be bought in the PlayStation Store such as:

  • Holiday Pack
  • Classic Pack


  • This is the only Lumines game that features DigDown Mode.
  • The game doesn't pause when you bring up the XMB while gameplay is occuring.

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