A player fighting an A.I computer player.

Vs. CPU Mode is a special mode in various Lumines game that allow the player to earn special skins and characters by defeating COM's. There are a total of 10 bosses that each have a different difficulty.

Bosses (Lumines I / Plus)Edit

  1. Japanese Man
  2. Living Records
  3. Floating Human Head
  4. Pink Mouse
  5. 8-bit Vampire
  6. Egyptian Lady
  7. Cowboy
  8. Jester
  9. Chinese Warrior
  10. Alien

Bosses (Lumines II / Live!)Edit

  1. Lion
  2. Living Records
  3. Dragon?
  4. Pink Mouse
  5. Guitarist
  6. Japanese Man
  7. Clockwork Toy
  8. Egyptian Lady
  9. Dancing Ukulele
  10. Alien


  • Lumines Supernova is the only game to not include Vs. CPU Mode.
  • Both Lumines II/Plus and Live! share some of the same bosses.
  • Very rarely, some CPU's may end up stacking the blocks randomly, creating a "suicide."

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